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Image for DTC MOTU 6IN CRITA from Mattel

Masters of the Universe® Crita™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    This coldblooded mutant is whip–smart … and she cracks a mean whip on the battlefield. As queen of the cruel Gleanons, she rivals Skeletor® in her capacity for sheer evil, and she’s eager to battle her Galactic Protector nemesis, Mara of Primus™. This fan-favorite figure arrives with her scepter, whip, and fear gas cannon.

    • AKA: Evil Mutant Beauty
    • Known For: New Adventures
    • Abilities: Keen intelligence, whip skills
    • Associates: Skeletor®, Flogg™
    • Favorite Breed of Dog: The Whippet

    SKU #: DJT94