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Masters of the Universe® “Buzz Saw” Hordak® Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    He's handy with the power tools, but don't ask him to do chores around the house… he's got other plans for those sharp spinning blades. "Buzz Saw" Hordak® arrives with a cross bow and a buzz saw that he can either hold or place in his chest.

    "Buzz Saw" Hordak® Bio

    Real Name: Hec-Tor Kur

    After King Miro and Randor returned from exile in Despondos, the Three Towers returned to the surface signaling the time when the Second Ultimate Battleground would commence. To prepare for this battle, Hordak invaded Central Tower in an attempt to steal the secret of Time Travel. But without the Cosmic Key to channel the Tower's energy, Hordak's body was mutated, creating a Buzz Saw Blaster which could lash out at any enemy from his chest. During their final battle, Skeletor magically drained Hordak's essence revealing the secrets and might of the Horde empire. But in Hordak's last breath, while he appeared surrounded and defenseless, Hordak's buzz saw blasts were unleashed, striking out at Skeletor in a final cataclysmic blow! If not for a nearby Bionotops, Skeletor would have indeed perished and Hordak's revenge complete.

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