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Image for LIL GLMRZ (PURP) from Mattel

Lil' Gleemerz™ Loomur™ Figure

Ages: 5+
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  • Product Features

    Meet the Lil’ Gleemerz™!

    The Lil’ Gleemerz™ lived in a secret cave in an unexplored forest, until one day, a few adventurous kids discovered them. Now, the Lil’ Gleemerz™ are lighting up kids’ lives with fun and friendship! Get your gleem on with these interactive toys and their rainbow light-up fur tails, glowing eyes, and quirky sounds and phrases.

    • 3 Ways to Play!
      To play, the Lil’ Gleemerz™ simply need your love and attention. They love hanging out, listening to music, and playing games with you. In hangout mode, squeeze their tails, tap or pet their heads for funny phrases, purrs, growls, farts, and so much more! Switch to light party mode – clap or play your favorite song, and your Lil’ Gleemerz™ will flash a colorful light show to the beat! Try three different glowing games of Catch the Kiss, Tail Tennis, and Stop on the Spot in game mode. Can you outshine the Lil’ Gleemerz™?
    • Friendship that Positively Glows™!
      With a lil’ of your love, your Lil’ Gleemerz™ will adore your companionship! They will even “miss you,” and tell you so. And you can bring and share the friendship fun everywhere you go…simply hang them in an adorable pose with their little hands. Never miss a shining moment with your Lil’ Gleemerz™! Kids will love discovering and sharing moments with their friends. Collect them all for even bigger light shows and brighter friendships that positively glow!
    SKU #: GCN62