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Matchbox® Jurassic World Island Escape Portable Playset

Ages: 3+
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  • Product Features

    Heroic Action Play

    Fans will love the adventurous themes of these two sets inspired by the epic story of dinosaurs in the modern world. The Jurassic World Harbor Rescue and Island Escape sets both have exciting features and create a diorama-like environment that re-creates movie moments kids can enact and elaborate on with their off-road vehicle and dinosaur figure.

    • Portable Playsets for On-The-Go: Both sets fold up with a handle for easy storage. Take them anywhere and open the Island Escape set to reveal a vertical set with a trail from the top of the volcano, ramps, crane and a molten mass of “lava” that rolls down the trail threatening the mission. The Harbor Rescue set unfolds and becomes a pier with ramps, a crane, and a habitat pen. Both sets include a dinosaur figure and off-road vehicle
    • What’s in the Box?: Portable playset that opens and closes with a handle for on-the-go. Includes a dinosaur figure and Matchbox™ vehicle with authentic Jurassic World deco. Each set sold separately.
    SKU #: FMY54