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Image for BOLD LICENSED JURASSIC from Mattel

Bold™ Jurassic World™

Ages: 6+
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  • Product Features

    Are you bolder than a Jurassic World dinosaur?Are you a risk taker? How well do you trust your memory? BOLD™ Jurassic World Card Game is a fun, new matching game that tests how far you’re willing to go.

    • Will you take your points and run?Flip over cards showing images from Jurassic World, and look for matching patterns and/or dinosaurs that in type, color, or size. Now comes a test of your mettle: after you find a pair, will you safely take your points and run or will you gamble by flipping another card hoping it will share a feature with the first two? The BOLD™ Jurassic World Card Game becomes more intense as it goes on and as you remember more! To win this game, you need memory, nerve, and maybe a little luck.
    • Fun for family and friend game nights!Simple to take and play anywhere, and especially fun for Jurassic World fans! Game includes 85 cards. Fun for 2-4 players, age 7 and above. Colors and decorations may vary.
    SKU #: FLK64