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Hot Wheels® Monster Jam® El Toro Loco® Showdown Play Set

Ages: 4+
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    Enter the Monster Jam® arena and confront the giant bull! Rev creativity and fuel imagination by launching the fan-favorite El Toro Loco® Monster Jam® truck and smashing through the container to hit the giant bull right in the nose! In order to make it across the finish line kids must confront and defeat the bull. Perfect set for heroic story-based adventures and mega-action. The set includes a 1:64th scale El Toro Loco® truck.

    • Exciting Monster Jam® head-to-head action with El Toro Loco® Monster Jam® 1:64 scale truck and a Giant Bull!
    • Arena-like play set with a launcher, a Giant Bull, and the fan-favorite El Toro Loco® 1:64th scale monster truck.
    • Launch El Toro Loco® monster truck and smash through the container to hit the Giant Bull in the nose!
    • Launch again to get over the finish line and defeat the Giant Bull.
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