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DC Super Hero Girls™ Locker Accessory

Ages: 6+
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    Play out the x-ray vision of DC Super Hero Girls™ Supergirl™with a four-locker accessory that highlights her amazing power -- when Supergirl™ action doll comes near, an easy child-activated mechanism lets her peek inside without opening the doors. Inspired by the DC Super Hero Girls™ Intergalactic Games™, young fans can recreate a key scene from the story and help Supergirl™ action doll find the missing Kryptomite loose in the school. Place the Kryptomite into one of the two top lockers. Their semi-opaque doors open and close, and so do the blue doors on the bottom two lockers. When Supergirl™ doll comes near to the hiding place, press the button on her back and the button on the bottom of the locker accessory. The two top lockers light up, revealing the secrets held inside (the Krytpomite is actually rather cute)! It's a total wow moment and so much fun to repeat over and over again. Supergirl™ action doll can search all day -- or play out other tales. A skateboard, silvery laptop and bright red backpack are perfect for playing out an exciting school day. The 12-inch doll wears her signature outfit with her S-shield, a white collar, red skirt and red and blue wrist cuffs. Accessorize for adventure with red boots, a blue headband and her iconic red cape. Kids will love exploring their unique abilities along with the students of Super Hero High and unleashing their own inner heroes. Collect all of the DC Super Hero Girls™ action dolls and accessories to build a powerful team for fun (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes 12-inch Supergirl™ action doll wearing fashion and accessories, the blue four-locker accessory with interactive and light-up features, a Kyptomite, laptop, backpack and skateboard. Colors and decorations may vary.

    SKU #: FCD38