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Masters of the Universe™ He-Man™ Belt of Power

Ages: Adult
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    Celebrate the powerful heritage of the Masters of the Universe™ and become the world’s mightiest warrior with He-Man’s iconic fur loincloth and Belt of Power. The hero’s signature belt has authentic design and is full of secret compartments. Prepare for epic adventures and store all your battle gear inside the zippered pouch. When confronted by the evil Skeletor or Hordak, activate the powers of Grayskull™ and unleash what’s hidden within! The He-Man™ Belt of Power comes with a built in “fur” loincloth, a fully adjustable strap for all day comfort wear, and a special zippered compartment. Wear it and contain the Power of Grayskull™, just like He-Man™, Master of the Universe!

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    SKU #: GGH64