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Enchantimals™ Safari Friends Gift Set

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    Let your imagination run wild with this safari-themed collection of Enchantimals™ doll-and-animal sets. The Enchantimals™ are lovable characters who share a special bond with their animal pals — they’re always together, and they look alike too! These 6-inch dolls wear outfits that reflect their unique personalities, with whimsical nature accents and adorable animal touches. Plus, each doll comes with a special animal bestie that features an irresistible expression and too-cute character details. Kids will love recreating the special bond the friends share and celebrating a world where Caring Is Our Everything™. The gift set includes:

    • Enchantimals™ Zelena Zebra™ Doll & Hoofette™ Figure (FKY75)
    • Enchantimals™ Gillian Giraffe™ Doll & Pawl Figure (FKY74)
    • Enchantimals™ Ekaterina Elephant™ Doll & Antic™ Figure (FKY73)
    • Enchantimals™ Cherish Cheetah™ Doll (FJJ20)
    SKU #: GFJ39