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Disney/Pixar Cars Mini 15 Pack 2

Ages: 3+
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    Recreate the new Disney/Pixar Cars 3 racing action with this mega 15-pack of miniCarsvehicles. These exciting die-cast racers have authentic bodies, character details and wheels that roll. The big variety set includes a first debut of this Sterling and N20 Cola, Lance Ambulance, Glow in the Dark Nitroaide, Glow in the Dark Jackson Storm, Metallic Lightning McQueen, Silver Natalie Certain, Luigi, Chick Hicks, Arvy, Cruz Ramirez, Mater, Hank Weathers, Fish Tail and APB.

    • ​Disney/Pixar Cars 3 mega 15-pack of mini character vehicles
    • ​Die-cast bodies, authentic details and wheels that roll
    • ​Nitroaide and Jackson Storm glow in the dark
    • ​Makes an instant collection and unique gift
    • ​Big variety is perfect for storytelling
    • ​© Disney/Pixar.​
    SKU #: FVP63