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Disney•Cars Jump & Race Flo's V8 Playset

Ages: 4 & up
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    Inspired by Flo's V8 café, the town's local diner and only gas station for miles around, this exciting Flo's V8 Moto-Rama play set is open for business and packed with fan-tastic activities that kids will love. Get ready to combine racin' action with serving up some of the coolest cars in Radiator Springs! Whimsical elements include awnings that double as jumps, a giant V8 sign featuring ramps and additional jumps, and interchangeable storytelling pieces that can be placed in various locations. There's a gas pump for Lightning McQueen to pull up to and get fueled. Connect a launcher to the bottom of the V8 track and send Lightning McQueen zooming to the top, which triggers the car below to go speeding away! The set can be configured in over 6 different ways so kids can mix it up and then move it again! For extra boost on the ramps and jumps, add launcher accessories (sold separately). Multiple connection points also allow kids to connect with other play sets, accessories and transporters in the Story Sets system, for even more ways to expand the storytelling fun! Includes a 1:55th Lightning McQueen character car to get the action off to a speedy start.

    • Dimensions: 2.8 x 10 x 10"
    SKU #: CDW68