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Masters of the Universe® Hydron™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    He’s ready to dive into the most challenging situations on land, under water, or in space. This New Adventures hero comes with his vintage trident, removable air tanks and removable head dome for underwater battles. Complete your Galactic Protectors collection with this captain of the cosmos!

    Hydron™ Bio
    Real Name: Daniel Ripper Jr.

    Hydron™ is a space sea commander from the domed undersea city of Orca, situated not far from Titus, a small island in the Guardian Sea on Primus. He was ordered by Darius™ to locate the legendary twin warriors prophesized to defeat the Horde Empire. Arriving on Eternia® shortly after Skeletor’s victory at the Second Ultimate Battleground, Hydron™ and his Lieutenant Icarius™ recruited not only He-Man® and She-Ra®, but several of the members of theMasters of the Universe®® who were eager to pursue Skeletor®. Preferring the Triton Spear Gun, his weapon of choice is suitable for intergalactic as well as undersea fighting.

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