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Masters of the Universe® General Sundar™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Highly respected and highly ranked, this wise warrior realized he could no longer support Hordak® and his reign of terror. He fled the Horde and found fulfillment as a farmer, a father … and a fearless fighter for the Rebellion! This first-time figure arrives with a Horde battle axe, twin laser pistols, and three variant Horde Trooper heads (inspired by a DC Comics Trooper, a Naval Trooper, and a flashback Horde Trooper).

    5 Things to Know About General Sundar™

    • AKA: Former General of the Horde
    • Known For: She-Ra®: Princess of Power® Animated Series
    • Abilities: Battle skills and strategies
    • Associates: She-Ra®, Bow™, Glimmer™
    • Last Book Read: The Etheria Farmers’ Almanac

    SKU #: DJT89