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Masters of the Universe® Flogg™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    He may serve under Skeletor® but make no mistake… this malicious mutant is top dog back home in Denebria. The Evil Leader of the Space Mutants finally arrives with his trademark laser whip, the Sidewinder, and a bonus Filmation-inspired sword for He-Man®.

    Flogg™ Bio
    Real Name:
    Before Skeletor® passed though the Laser Gate and arrived in the Tri-Solar System, Flogg™ the Terrible was the commander of the Horde’s Denebrian Space Mutant goon squad. Directing operations either from his secret hideout in a Gorn Crater or from his camp city of Diobo in the Regula region of Denebria, Flogg™ launched raiding parties on the neighboring planet of Primus in the name of his Horde commanders. A vain and boastful bully, Flogg’s favorite weapon is his laser whip which he calls The Sidewinder. Flogg™ has a nasty temper and agreed to join Skeletor® as his humbled second in command in a secret bid to one day betray him and use Skeletor’s power to take command of the Horde Empire for his own!

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