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Masters of the Universe® Mara of Primus™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Shampoo, conditioner, mace polish… this Galactic Protector has everything she needs for good grooming. Her powerful ponytail packs a punch, and she employs it to eliminate enemies in swift style! Mara of Primus™ arrives with her extendable mace ponytail, a shield, and a staff.

    Mara of Primus™ Bio

    Real Name: Mara

    Master Sebrian's young assistant, Mara is very intelligent and bright. She and Caz stepped up to pilot the Starship Eternia when the Galactic Guardians were busy elsewhere and word had to be taken to He-Man immediately to hurry back and save Primus! Since then, Mara has risen in skills and stature and can be counted on to help out whenever there's trouble. She reached the pinnacle of her career when she was made the Primus Ambassador on a visit to Necron and shortly after became Queen of the Mytes! Alongside her loyal friends, Mara fights against Crita and the Gleanons with her ponytail mace that's capable of swinging the advantage to their side!

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