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Image for BARBIE BE YOU HAIR FEATURE DOLL (AA) (CP4) from Mattel

Barbie® Rainbow Sparkle Hair Doll

Ages: 5+
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  • Product Features

    ​Young stylists can create colorful, shimmery hairstyles for Barbie® doll with her gorgeous hair and styling accessories. Barbie® doll has long hair with a rainbow of color hidden underneath the long locks and a glitter comb to add sparkle. A brush, hair clips and rubber bands allow even more complex looks. And her outfit matches with a rainbow graphic on her black shirt, a silvery skirt, black shoes and a pink bangle. Style a look, take it down and style another -- there are so many styles and stories to explore with Barbie®.

    • ​Barbie® Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll sparks young imaginations to design unique hairstyles with sparkle gel, hair accessories and wow features!
    • ​Barbie® doll has a hidden rainbow with five brilliant colors in her extra-long brunette hair that measures 7.5 inches long!
    • ​Use the comb and sparkle gel to add shimmer to Barbie® doll's hair -- simply attach the gel tube to the comb and squeeze while combing to apply with ease!
    • ​Young stylists can create fun hairstyles -- braids, ponytails, pigtails, buns, partial updos and more -- using the three hairclips, two hairbands and brush!
    • ​When it's time for a new look, wash out the sparkle with water and start anew -- repeat over and over to explore different looks and different stories!
    SKU #: FXN97