WWE Action Figure Vehicle Wrekkin Rampage Rig Truck

WWE Action Figure Vehicle Wrekkin Rampage Rig Truck


Detalhes do Produto

Wreck the truck and the competition with the WWE® Wrekkin'™ Rampage Rig™! Kids can roll down to the ring with WWE® action figures (sold separately) in a semi that can be smashed, bashed, and crashed again and again with eleven "breakable" parts. Climb the ladder for the WWE® Championship held inside the extended Wrekkin Ball™. Collectors in the WWE® Universe can display their favorite figure on the truck for authentic displays. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • ​Drive or destroy the Wrekkin'™ Rampage Rig™ semitruck, with real rolling wheels and 11 breakaway pieces!​
  • ​Create matches for the WWE® Championship help inside the breakable Wrekkin Ball™!
  • ​Rotate crane 360-degrees and extend an additional 7-inch to take the action to new heights.
  • Press engine block under the hood to launch opponents from the top of the truck.
  • ​Recreate the bumper-to-bumper destruction with WWE® action figures (sold separately).
Includes 1 WWE® Wrekkin™ Rampage Rig™ Vehicle WWE® Championship accessory, ladder, and breakaway pieces
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