Monster High Doll 2-Pack, Deuce Gorgon And Frankie Stein

Monster High Doll 2-Pack, Deuce Gorgon And Frankie Stein


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With Boo-ology midterms coming up, Frankie Stein™ wants to treat themself to a dreadfully delish drink! Frankie Stein™ stops by the Coffin Bean™, and Deuce Gorgon™ whips up an eek-spresso to get his friend's volts zapping so they can bolt to class. The Frankie & Deuce Coffee Break™ doll two-pack offers expanded play for the much-adored Coffin Bean™ café, including spooktacular accessories to enhance storytelling. Deuce Gorgon™ doll's mouse Perseus™ zips through the hallowed halls of Monster High™ on his bike, delivering piping hot creep-uccinos to its busy students. Meanwhile, Frankie Stein™ doll's pet dog Watzie™ shines in metallic silver! Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • The Frankie & Deuce Coffee Break™ two-pack sets the scene for spooky storytelling! Deuce Gorgon™ makes Frankie Stein™ a Coffin Bean™ coffee to jolt before bolting to class.
  • Perseus™ the pet mouse has a tricked-out bike with a drink compartment that opens for fun delivery! Frankie Stein™ doll’s dog Watzie™ loves to chase after it with bionic tail wagging.
  • Dressing voltageous is always in vogue! Frankie Stein™ is positively to-die-for in a cropped top and jacket set with exaggerated shoulders. 
  • Their leather shorts are draped with chunky silver chains, while mismatched pink boots display electrifying graphics and a silver-tone bionic leg. 
  • Frankie Stein™ doll’s phone beeps to signal that their order is ready, so they sling a colorful chrome handbag over their shoulder and head over to the Coffin Bean™. 
  • Deuce Gorgon™ is work-ready in breathable mesh sleeves and a snakeskin-print apron. Armed with his shades and super fly sneakers, he is ready for all the orders that pop up on the coffin tablet.
  • Expand the Monster High™ world by checking out all its chilling and thrilling dolls and playsets! Each sold separately, subject to availability
Includes 2 Dolls: Frankie & Deuce, 2 Pets + Bike for Pet, 10 Storytelling Pieces: iCoffin, tray, 4 drinks, 1 cupcake, 1 pair of glasses, coffin shaped registry.
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