Hot Wheels Twist Shifter RC, Remote-Control Toy Vehicle For Kids 5 & Up

Hot Wheels Twist Shifter RC, Remote-Control Toy Vehicle For Kids 5 & Up


Detalhes do Produto

The Hot Wheels® Twist Shifter R/C™ flips and stunts over various landscapes in epic fashion with its rotating axels and all-terrain wheels. This bright blue remote-control vehicle has spinning arms that help it climb over obstacles in its path and look cool while doing it. The working headlights light the way, adding a sweet visual to the stunting excitement. With a 2.4 GHz frequency, kids can go off-roading with other remote-control vehicles without encountering interference, and recharging is easy via the included USB cable. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Flip and twist into awesome remote-control stunting action with the Hot Wheels® Twist Shifter R/C™!
  • The wheels on this remote-control vehicle are on rotating axels which give it all-wheel drive and help propel it over a variety of surfaces with speed, precision and style.
  • Running headlights enhance the play experience, illuminating the ground and shining a light on its stunts.
  • It recharges easily with the included USB cable.
  • Remote-control fans and kids 5 years old and older will flip over the exciting stunting action that comes with driving the Hot Wheels® Twist Shifter R/C™.
Includes 1 Hot Wheels® Twist Shifter R/C™, USB cable and remote control.
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