Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live 8-Pack, Toy Trucks, Gift For Kids 3 Years & Up

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live 8-Pack, Toy Trucks, Gift For Kids 3 Years & Up


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Just like the real-size trucks in the live show, these heroic Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks have unique and outrageous personalities that make them entertaining and awesome. Each 1:64 scale truck is a fan-favorite with features kids know and love. With eight star-powered Monster Trucks in one pack, it's an instant collection and inspires total mayhem right out of the box! Recreate epic destruction from the Monster Trucks Live show with such characters as Race Ace™, Bone Shaker™ and Tiger Shark, or let this multipack be an introduction to all the smashing and crashing that Monster Trucks has to offer. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • The Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Live 8-Pack features 8 fan-favorites in one ultimate pack.
  • Each Monster Truck is 1:64 scale and has the giant tires and sweet decos that kids and collectors love.
  • Included in the set are Race Ace™, Bone Shaker™, Tiger Shark, HW Demo Derby™, Mega Wrex™, HW 5-Alarm™, Gunkster™ and Bigfoot™ for epic crashing right out of the package.
  • Reenact the destruction from the live show or create new stories with favorite characters.
  • This multipack makes a great gift for collectors and fans 3 years old and older, who love the excitement that Monster Trucks inspire.
Includes 8 Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Live trucks.
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