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WWEŽ Slam City™ Gorilla In The Cell Match™ Playset

Item #: BHL28

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Stretch, launch and smash into outrageous WWE steel cage action with this Slam City Gorilla In The Cell Match play set!
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In the WWEŽ animated series, Slam City, Superstars like Randy OrtonŽ have been banished to Slam City™ and they have to find real day jobs.
Randy becomes a zoo keeper, and that's where the mayhem begins. This over-the-top steel cage playset doubles as a gorilla cage, and guess what? The gorilla just escaped!
Help Randy OrtonŽ by using the palm tree to launch him towards the monkey targets atop the cage. Hit the target and release the platform and watch the gorilla tumble into the cage.
Adding to the fun and chaos is the cage's breakable walls and a bouncy ring surface. For maximum impact, the Randy OrtonŽ figure has rubberized arms - stretch them to extend his knockout punch.
Set comes with steel cage ring, palm tree launcher, Randy OrtonŽ Slam City™ figure, and a gorilla figure.

  • This over-the-top steel cage play set doubles as a gorilla cage and the gorilla escaped
  • Help Randy by using the palm tree launcher to shoot him toward the monkey targets
  • The cage has breakable walls and a bouncy ring surface-to bounce figures into mayhem
  • For maximum impact, Randy Orton figure has rubberized arms that stretch to extend his knockout punch

Battery Required: No

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 6+

Legal Legend: 0

Country of Origin: China