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MATCHBOX® BIG BOOTS™ Arctic Yeti Catcher

Item #: BBB52


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Big Boots means big excitement and fun — now in the frozen wilderness! Play out heroic adventures with this transforming, two-in-one vehicle, which features two modes (assault and truck), so boys can help capture and transport the ferocious Yeti creature!
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Your Heroic Mission: Capture a Rampaging Yeti
The Big Boots Arctic team is on high alert — there's a vicious Yeti on the loose, and he's ready to rampage! This massive monster has fierce claws and a ferocious sneer. Boys can help the Big Boots brigade stop the beast by sending out the large-scale Yeti Catcher. This two-in-one vehicle is perfect for tracking and capturing elusive creatures!
Transform the Vehicle and Launch Into Action®!
The terrifying beast has been spotted! Transform the Yeti Catcher into assault mode to attack the creature. The set includes two Big Boots figures, but kids can add additional figures (sold separately) for a full-on strike. Launch Big Boots figures from the huge attack platform in three different ways. Send them flying from the top, side, and back of the vehicle. Launch one at a time or send them all simultaneously to overwhelm the Yeti!
Cage the Raging Creature!
Once you've surprised and confused the Yeti, he's much easier to capture — just snare him in the included net. Now transform the vehicle back into truck mode, so you can securely transport the creature and lock him away in the Big Boots Arctic Command Base (sold separately). The Arctic is safe again — until the Yeti finds a way to escape!
Big Boots Figures and Sets Are Ready for Adventure
Big Boots figures always land on their feet, so they're ready for action as soon as they hit the ground. The Yeti Catcher comes with two dynamic Big Boots figures, but you can expand the battling fun by collecting additional Big Boots figures and vehicles (sold separately). It's nonstop action in the frozen tundra!
What's in the Box?
Arctic Yeti Catcher comes with two Big Boots figures, one Yeti figure, and net.

  • Vehicle transforms from truck to assault mode to capture the raging beast
  • Features snow plow, oversized wheels, and large attack platform
  • Includes two geared-up Big Boots figures that always land on their feet
  • Launch additional Big Boots figures (sold separately) from the vehicle in three different ways
  • Catch the fierce Yeti figure with the net, then cage and transport him
  • Kids can create amazing stunts and invent their own exciting stories

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: No

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 4 & Up

Country of Origin: CN