Let's Celebrate Earth Month

Our big, beautiful planet is the only home we have, so let’s work together to find solutions to environmental challenges. Watch the video and explore ways you can help.

Protecting Our Ecosystems

An ecosystem is where all living things interact with each other as well as with their non-living environments (sun, soil, climate, atmosphere). Explore six different ecosystems below.

Saving the Planet

Even the planet needs heroes. Each of us can help protect our air, sea, land, and the biodiversity that all living things depend on. Learn about six environmental advocates who are leading the way.

What You Can Do to #lovetheplanet

We all have a role to play in protecting the planet. Below are tools and resources that can help.

Barbie Celebrates Earth Month

Reduce, reuse and recycle with Barbie during Earth Month! Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Matchbox Electric Vehicles

Check out these Matchbox electric vehicles to inspire sustainable behaviors in your kid's play.