Wild Twists Playing Cards By UNO Brand 2-Pack In Tin

Wild Twists Playing Cards By UNO Brand 2-Pack In Tin

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Double the game-play opportunities and the fun with a two-pack of Wild Twists™ Playing Cards by UNO® brand stored in a decorative tin. Each pack is a standard deck of 52 playing cards with the addition of eight special Wild Cards for optional crazy twists! Play all the classic card games, such as Poker, Go Fish, Gin Rummy and more, but take 'em to the next level with these special cards that include different Wild Card options. For example, the 'Red Wild Card' can represent any Heart or Diamond card a player may need, the 'Black Wild Card' can stand in for any Club or Spade and there are suit-specific Wild Cards for every individual suit. Also included are instructions on how to play 'Wild Race,' a fast-paced card game that uses an entire deck! Wild Twists™ makes a great gift for card game lovers ages 7 years and older. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Wild Twists™ Playing Cards by UNO® brand adds 'wild twists' to classic card games! Use wild cards to play Poker, Solitaire, Go Fish! and other favorite games!
  • This 2-pack set includes 2 standard 52-card decks, each with an additional 8 special Wild Cards, and a decorative storage tin!
  • Different Wild Cards can be used as Any Card, Red Cards, Black Cards, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and / or Clubs!
  • Rules for the special game 'Wild Race' game cards are included -- they make use of a full Wild Twists™ deck!
  • Wild Twists™ playing cards make a great gift for kid, teen, adult and family game nights with players ages 7 years and older!
  • Scan the QR code on package or go to Mattel.com/PlayingCards for more information on how to use the Wild Cards in classic card games.
Includes 120 cards and instructions.
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