Monster High Doll With Posters, Draculaura In Black And White

Monster High Doll With Posters, Draculaura In Black And White

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At Monster High™ it’s time for Frights, Camera, Drama! An ode to classic black and white horror films, the Reel Drama™ collection gives the original Monster High™ cast a dramatic and cinematic twist. Draculaura™ doll remains the fangtastic star she always has been, accompanied by her pet bat Count Fabulous™ and two eye-catching graphic movie posters -- one mini, and one life-size! With head-turning packaging perfect for this chilling capsule collection, Draculaura™ never looked so gore-geous. Fully articulated. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • : Monster High™ is back in black and white! The creepy cool Reel Drama™ collection lends a theatrical flair to the original ghouls.
  • In this Behind The Screams™ look, Draculaura™ doll's extra-long hair is styled in two low pigtails -- accented by signature pink highlights, of course!
  • This vampire is scary-chic in a black vest and pleated skirt with lace-up platform boots. With her trusty bat sidekick Count Fabulous™ at her side, she is ready for all manner of thrills!
  • Draculaura™ shows off an uhhhmazing movie poster designed in the style of vintage black and white thrillers. Featuring original artwork, this poster comes in both a doll-size and a life-size version.
  • For Monster High™ fans who love a good horror flick, the Reel Drama™ collection blends stunning contemporary design with nostalgic detail.
  • Collect all four Reel Drama™ dolls for a creeperific good time! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
Includes 1 Doll, 1 mini movie poster, 1 signature pet, 1 life-sized movie poster, and 1 doll stand.
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