Matchbox Cars, Large-Scale Recycling Garbage Truck With Lights & Sounds

Matchbox Cars, Large-Scale Recycling Garbage Truck With Lights & Sounds

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With the Matchbox™ Recycling Truck, kids drive their own adventure while being environmentally friendly and conscientious. This 15-inch large-scale truck is made from more than 80% ISCC-certified plastic* and is packed with awesome features that inspire fun and creative push-around play. Its lights and sounds add to the realism: Roll the vehicle forward to hear revving sounds and roll it in reverse to make it beep just like the trucks in real life. Push the lever to raise the trash bin and empty its contents into the back then head off to the sorting station to unload it all. Kids will love having their own version of the massive vehicle they see on their streets every week that they can drive and control. Colors and decorations may vary. *Mass balance approach.

  • The Matchbox™ Recycling Truck is a 15-inch, large-scale truck made from 80% ISCC-Certified plastic* and is packed with authentic features and details that make for awesome push-around play.
  • Matchbox™ proudly promotes environmental conscientiousness by using more than 80% ISCC-Certified plastic materials* in this toy's creation and reminds kids of the importance of recycling. *Mass balance approach.
  • Kids will instantly recognize this truck as the one they see hauling away their weekly recyclables. Press the buttons on top of the cab to activate sounds for added realism.
  • Pull the lever to empty the curbside bin into truck, then head off to the recycling station to drop it all off.
  • This large-scale truck makes a great gift for kids who love the hardworking vehicles of everyday heroes.
Includes 1 Matchbox™ Recycling Truck.
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