Matchbox Metro 12-Pack Of Toy Cars & Trucks, For Kids 3 Years Old & Up

Matchbox Metro 12-Pack Of Toy Cars & Trucks, For Kids 3 Years Old & Up

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Recreate the bustling excitement of city streets at home with the Matchbox™ Metro 12-Pack! This mix of 12 cars, vans, buses and trucks are rooted in realism so that kids can drive their own adventure and create fantastic stories that are drawn from real life. From the street sweeper to the garbage truck, this pack features replicas of vehicles seen on city streets, inspiring endless adventures and encouraging independent exploration. Makes a great gift as a starter set or as an addition to an existing collection. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • The Matchbox™ Metro Multipack delivers a mix of 12 toy cars, trucks and vans that inspire kids to create their own stories and adventures.
  • The set includes 1:64 scale versions of kid-favorite rescue and service trucks, including a garbage truck, bus, flatbed truck, ambulance and food truck to inspire creative storytelling that's grounded in realism.
  • It features officially licensed vehicles commonly seen on city streets, including a Toyota Prius, International eStar electric delivery truck, Ford Transit News Van, Mini Swisher, Ford Police Interceptor, Mazda3, a '19 Ford Mustang Coupe and a Mini Countryman.
  • Each vehicle is 1:64 scale and features realistic details and authentic designs that encourage independent exploration and build self-confidence through push-around play.
  • This set makes an awesome gift for kids 3 years old and up just starting to collect Matchbox™ cars. It's also an awesome addition to any existing Matchbox™ collection.
Includes 12 Matchbox™ Metro-themed Vehicles.
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