Hot Wheels City Wreck & Ride Gorilla Attack Playset With 1 Toy Car

Hot Wheels City Wreck & Ride Gorilla Attack Playset With 1 Toy Car

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A massive gorilla named Gary has taken over the Hot Wheels™ City gas station, and he's hungry for Hot Wheels® vehicles! Kids launch their included car across Gary's arms and through his mouth to avoid getting eaten. The arms are bendable and can be adjusted to amp up the challenge, plus each arm can connect to other tracks for extended fun. The playset also includes two gas pumps with moveable hoses to 'refuel' before heading back on the road. Connect this to other sets to build out a unique cityscape. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Includes one Hot Wheels® car making it a great gift for any occasion. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • The Hot Wheels™ City gas station has been consumed by a monstrous gorilla named Gary who's filling up on cars that don't stunt out of the way!
  • Gary's arms extend more than 3 feet and are bendable track pieces that can connect to other sets. At one end is a launcher that kids use to send their cars through the gorilla's mouth without getting eaten.
  • It includes 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle to immediately challenge Gary and race over his arms and stunt through his mouth.
  • With multiple connection points, kids can connect this playset to other Hot Wheels® sets, creating a creature-filled cityscape with so many awesome storytelling possibilities, they'll want to collect them all (each sold separately).
  • Kids 4 to 8 years old will love the Hot Wheels™ City Wreck & Ride Gorilla Attack™ playset. It makes a great gift that encourages independent exploration and creativity.
Includes 1 Hot Wheels™ City Wreck & Ride Gorilla Attack™ playset and 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle.
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