Hot Wheels City Shark Escape Playset, Toy For Kids 4 Years Old & Older

Hot Wheels City Shark Escape Playset, Toy For Kids 4 Years Old & Older

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Take a drive through the Hot Wheels™ City parking garage but beware the dangerous shark that attacks and eats unsuspecting vehicles! Take the kid-powered elevator to the top, then release the car at each level where there are three activators that randomly trigger the shark to break through and devour the car. Escape to the end, and the shark gets locked in the cage, opening the track for attack-free driving. One Hot Wheels® vehicle is included, but there's parking for more. (Additional vehicles sold separately.) Connect it to other Hot Wheels® sets and track pieces to build a one-of-a-kind cityscape. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • A massive shark lurks beneath the Hot Wheels™ City parking garage, attacking and devouring unsuspecting vehicles.
  • Push the manual elevator to the top of the garage and release a car down the ramp to tempt the hungry shark.
  • Three random activators can trigger the shark, and there's no way to know when it'll attack.
  • Escape to the end to trap the shark in a cage, then re-ride the track free and clear.
  • Explore additional track-play features on the base and connect the set to other Hot Wheels® tracks to continue the adventures. (Additional sets and track pieces sold separately.)
  • One Hot Wheels® vehicle is included for fun right out of the box. Makes a great gift for kids 4 years old and older.
Includes 1 Hot Wheels™ City Shark Escape Playset and 1 Hot Wheels® 1:64 Scale Vehicle.
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