Greedy Gator Kids Game For 2 Players, Fun For Family And Game Nights

Greedy Gator Kids Game For 2 Players, Fun For Family And Game Nights

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Greedy Gator™ kids game is crazy fun as players race to get their movers across the bridge to the other side. But watch out there's a sneaky alligator ready to knock them off before they can get there! Players roll the gator under the bridge to see how many spaces they get to advance on their turn, but when they do, they may knock their opponents' (or even their own!) movers off the bridge! The first player to get three of their movers to the other side wins. Great gift for game lovers 5 years old and up. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • In the kids game Greedy Gator™, it's a race to get across the perilous bridge!
  • Players roll the gator puck under the bridge to find out how many spaces to move!
  • Knock a mover off the bridge, and it must go back to the beginning!
  • The game comes with colorful monkey and parrot movers.
  • Makes a great gift for kids and family game nights with 2 players ages 5 years and older!
Includes 1 bridge (1 plankway piece and 2 island end pieces), 5 Monkey movers, 5 Parrot movers, I Gator puck and instructions.
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