Disney And Pixar Lightyear Toys, Armadillo Vehicle And 3 Figures

Disney And Pixar Lightyear Toys, Armadillo Vehicle And 3 Figures

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Revisit Disney and Pixar's Lightyear with this exciting playset including a Gamma Fusion Armadillo toy vehicle with lights and sounds and a detachable claw arm, plus a Zyclops figure and two Space Ranger figures for battle play. The dramatic taillights and cockpit lights coordinate with more than 12 different sounds like take off, laser shots and explosions. This movie-accurate toy vehicle is ready for Mission Defense play. Colors and decoration may vary.

  • This Disney and Pixar Lightyear Gamma Fusion toy vehicle is ready to transport the Elite Universe Protection Unit at 6.7 inches long with lights, 12+ sounds and a detachable claw arm.
  • The Armadillo comes mission-ready with 3 figures: 2 Space Ranger figures, who fit into the seats in the cockpit, and a Zyclops robot figure ready for conflict play. The cockpit cover is manually opened.
  • Press the button to power up the taillights and activates lights in the cockpit along with fight and flight sounds ranging from take-off to laser shots to dramatic explosions!
  • The detachable capture arm underneath the vehicle features a grasping claw that can pick up the Zyclops figure for action play.
  • Fold down the landing gear and open the back door hatch for display or storytelling -- when the door is open, there's a peg for the Zyclops to stand on as he mounts an attack!
  • With so much action and detail, the Hyperspeed Series Gamma Fusion Armadillo vehicle playset makes a great gift for Lightyear fans 4 years and older.
Includes 1 Disney and Pixar Lightyear Hyperspeed Series Gamma Fusion The Armadillo vehicle with lights and sounds, 3 figures and 1 detachable claw arm. Colors and decoration may vary.
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