Bounce-Off Pop-Out Party Game For Family, Adults And Game Night

Bounce-Off Pop-Out Party Game For Family, Adults And Game Night

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The original bouncing challenge favorite gets a high-octane boost with the Bounce-Off Pop-Out™ party game, where this time players must beat the clock to win! Grab some friends or family and assemble a team to compete head-to-head. Or set up an all-play game where players work together bouncing balls and completing challenges. Draw a card, set the timer, press start and GO! Bounce balls into the game grid to match the pattern. Complete the challenge? Take the card and scream, 'Victory is Mine!' Run out of time? Watch the balls go BOOM and better luck next bounce. The round may be over, but the battle has just begun! This active party game for adults and families brings big bouncing fun to any game night or get-together! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Get 'em in or watch 'em fly with the Bounce-Off Pop-Out™ fast-paced party game that's great fun for everyone!
  • Grab a challenge card, set the timer and press start, but the players better be ready! Time is ticking and those balls better bounce fast.
  • Match the pattern on the challenge card to win. Too slow? Pop go the balls!!
  • Make the pattern? Keep the challenge card for a point and bragging rights.
  • This version of the game includes BONUS Game Play, unique challenges and 4 extra challenge cards!
  • No batteries needed. Rules are simple. It's easy to set up and play again and again.
  • Get ready for game night or spice up that dinner party with a hilarious ball-tossing challenge all ages will enjoy!
Includes 16 balls, 4 ball holders, 1 game tray with timer, 24 challenge cards, and instructions.
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