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Image for DTC MOTU SHE RA FIGURE from Mattel

Masters of the Universe® She-Ra® Galactic Protector Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Her quest to protect Eternia® doesn’t stop at the edge of the universe, so the Princess of Power® takes the fight wherever the threat exists! In honor of the 30th Anniversary of She-Ra® this brand new version designed by the Four Horsemen joins 2013’s New Adventures He-Man® and 2014’s New Adventures Skeletor®. Together they form a trio of awesome action opportunities! She-Ra® comes with New Adventures-style sword of protection, snap-on energy shield, removable blaster with holster, and an awesome space helmet with removable goggles.

    She-Ra® Bio
    Real Name: Adora of the House of Randor
    After years of fighting the Space Mutants and Horde Empire, the Protectors drew a truce with Skeletor to stop Horde Prime once and for all. After He-Man and Skeletor were blasted by Prime’s vortex beam, She-Ra was left alone against his might. Calling upon the Honor of Grayskull, She-Ra sapped magiks from Prime’s armor, ending the spell that prolonged his and all Horde members extended lifespans. In an exception to her policy to protect all life, Adora smote Prime’s body against his own throne, forever ending the threat of the Horde Empire! But in doing so, Prime’s evil soul lashed out at her, binding itself to her armor. Overwhelmed by darkness, She-Ra once again became Despara, the evil warrior-queen persona she originally created under Shadow Weaver’s spells. Unleashed again, Despara resurrected Skeletor and helped bring about the Fall of Eternia!

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