BARBIEŽ Malibu Ave.™ Bakery + Doll -
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BARBIEŽ Malibu Ave.™ Bakery + Doll

Item #: BHJ14


Barbie doll loves to spend time at home in her Dreamhouse, but she also loves to get out and explore Malibu, including her favorite spots on Malibu Avenue, like the Bakery!
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Shop on Malibu Ave.
Malibu Ave. is a short drive away from the amazing Dreamhouse and a great place for Barbie doll (included) and her friends (sold separately) to pick up whatever they need! The chic shops - like this Bakery - feature signature style and tons of accessories that add realism and inspire action! Just set up the store play set (pieces snap together) and arrange the set pieces, including a display case and bistro dining set, for play.
Moving Features Animate the Action!
Barbie doll can admire the selection in the spinning display case. Girls simply crank the lever on the side to turn the display inside the case. A shelf below is perfect to grab treats and go. Eat at the elegant bistro table and chairs set - there's room for two! When Barbie doll's sweet tooth is satisfied, ring her up at the register and send her on her way - another happy customer!
Accessories for Lots of Expression!
With a fabulous menu of options, Barbie doll will always find something to eat at this adorable bakery cafe. There's a pie that can rest atop the counter and doll-icious desserts, including slices of cake and donuts, that can sit on the tray below. Barbie doll can "split" a cupcake or plate of cookies with a friend (other dolls sold separately); a cup, fork and water bottle fit on her hand to add realism to dining play! Plus, the plug 'n play feature makes sure the pieces stay in place.
Shop 'til You Drop!
Barbie doll (included) looks as sweet as the treats wearing a dress with sparkly pink bodice, yellow sash and skirt with floral and striped print; black shoes complete the chic shopper look. Extend the errand-running fun with other shops in the Malibu Ave. Shops assortment, like a Pet Boutique and market (each sold separately). Girls will love building out the stories and the street!
What's in the Box?
Bakery shop play set with awning, display rack with spinning case, one register, one bistro table, two chairs, one chandelier, one tray of desserts, one pie, two plates with treats, one fork, one cup, one water bottle, Barbie doll wearing fashion and shoes

  • Barbie doll loves to shop the stores on Malibu Ave, including this beautiful Bakery (featuring a glam chandelier), which is one of her favorites
  • Barbie doll is included and looks positively sweet in a dress with pink bodice and colorful print skirt
  • A store frame, spinning display case, bistro table and two chairs provide the perfect backdrop for bakery play
  • Crank the lever on the display case to spin the options inside, or grab a treat from the tray of goodies that fits in the bakery shelf
  • Sweet accessories include place settings, a register and other treats

Battery Required: No

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 3 & Up

Legal Legend: Doll cannot stand alone.

Country of Origin: China