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MONSTER HIGH® Secret Creepers™ Crypt

Item #: BDF06

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The Secret Creepers Crypt is where the pets "fang" out while the ghouls are in school. This set has places to stash your secrets plus seating nooks for the Secret Creepers Critters and Pets (sold separately). Crescent® cat stands guard with a motion-detector feature designed to ward off intruders with a cat-like shriek. Place her anywhere on the spooktacular set, which features a cryptic doghouse and web-inspired seating!
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Creature Comforts
The pets of Monster High® have always held a special place in their owners' hearts (or whatever passes for a heart), but now they hold a special place in the howlways of Monster High® — or below them! The Monster High® Secret Creeper® Crypt is one scary-cool place to fang out! It's got freaky colors, a creepy-cool design, and classic Monster High® icons like web details and the signature Skullette™.
Secret Creeping
There are also a cave-load of secret caches to hide secret stuff! Open the gargoyle columns to reveal spots to store scrolls. Use the key to open the door of the doghouse, which also doubles as a compact. Just hook it on the key to take it on the go! Or for a real scare, use the drawer in the base of the spooktacular chaise to store personal items you really want to keep personal. Open the drawer and put in a trinket, then turn the switch on the back of the chaise, and the trinket disappears! But don't worry — it's still there, hidden in plain fright!
Monster Motion & Spooktacular Sound
If anyone dares to come creeping around, there's yet another level of monsterrific protection. Crescent®, the pet cat of Clawdeen Wolf® who comes with the set, stands guard with the gargoyles. But unlike her "stone" companions, she poses a greater threat. This feline has a motion-detection feature that sounds when intruders come near! Place her within the set as if she's fanging out, and turn on her motion-detection feature. If anyone comes near, they'll be given a fright when Crescent® cat lets out a shriek to wake the dead — or the undead.
Monster Play
But don't let Crescent® fang out alone! Collect all the Secret Creepers™ Pets and Critters and the shy Jane Boolittle™ doll for a full crypt. There are plenty of spots for the creepers, critters, and newest ghouls (sold separately) to keep an eye and an ear on the happenings at Monster High®. Place a pet in the seat above the fish tank, in the swing to the side, or in the throne at the top. Shy Jane Boolittle™ can acclimate on the chaise, and Secret Creeper™ Critter bat Count Fabulous® can hang from the chains. There are even hooks to display the bracelets that double as keys for the Secret Creepers™ Pets. It's monster fun below Monster High®!
What's in the Box?
Crypt with doghouse, fish tank, two secret-keeping gargoyle columns and multiple spots for the pets to fang out, one chaise with secret drawer, and one Crescent® cat with motion-detection and sound features

  • Fang out in the Secret Creepers Crypt play set
  • Multiple spots to stash secrets and seat Secret Critters and Creepers (sold separately)
  • Crescent® cat stands guard with motion-detector feature!
  • Clawesome architecture features cryptic clubhouse, industrial pipes and tanks and web-inspired seating
  • A coffin-like chaise adds additional seating and secret storage

Battery Required: Yes | Batteries Included: Yes

Battery Quantity: 3 | Battery Type: AG13 (LR44) Button Cell | Battery Included Quantity: 3

Non Replaceable: Yes

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 6 & Up

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