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Disney Planes Propwash Junction Playset

Item #: Y0995

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High above the world of Disney•Pixar's CARS, you'll find PLANES! The new movie features a cast of characters that take to the skies at breakneck speeds, like Dusty Crophopper. Fly him into his home airport at Propwash Junction to gas up, get a flying lesson, or relax in the hangar!
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Going Sky-High With Disney's Planes
Disney•Pixar's CARS takes place on the ground, but what's going on in the skies above them? A whole new incredible world of extreme speed, adventure and fun! All is revealed in PLANES, the new movie with a new daredevil star – Dusty Crophopper, who's included in this thrill-seeking playset that re-creates his hometown from the film.
Takeoff and Landing
No airport would be complete without a runway, and the Propwash Junction playset has a special one. It's a translucent slide that wraps around the airport's control tower. Drop Dusty onto it, and you can send him on a tower fly-by on his way back down to the ground.
More Airport Action
The Dusty Crophopper vehicle has a connector on its belly that hooks up to the propeller on top of the fueling station part of the playset. A little push allows the plane to circle Propwash Junction. Dusty can also "refuel" at the gas station, or roll to the hangar and rest for the night.
What's in the Box?
The package includes the Propwash Junction playset and Dusty Crophopper vehicle.

  • Translucent landing runway for planes
  • Fly Planes around on the propeller on top of the Fill ‘n’ Fly Station
  • Features gas station, control tower, and flight school areas
  • Includes Dusty Crophopper plane and playset
  • Add more characters from Planes (sold separately) for extra high-flying fun!

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 5 & Up

Legal Legend: © Disney

Country of Origin: CN