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Item #: X8544

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Two levels of pet playtime for Lila® doll and her adorable puppy! Girls can expand the Polly® adventures on their wall with this add-on play set, featuring a twisty slide, park bench, doghouse, swing, and more!
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The Perfect Place to Play With Pets — on Your Wall!
Every day is an adventure for Polly and her pals, especially when the play moves off the floor and onto the wall! This colorful pet park set expands the fun of the Wall Party Tree House set and lets girls experience exciting Polly playtime in a whole new, innovative way. Just use the included 3M Command® strips to safely attach the set to the wall and get the pet party started!
Tons of Fun Features
Lila doll and her precious puppy will love taking turns going down the twisty slide, which connects the two levels of play. The upper area features a park bench with pretty flowers that Lila can "water" with the can as a sweet butterfly looks on. Slide down to the doghouse area, where her pet pup likes to romp, go for a walk on the leash, and enjoy a tasty dog bone. Then these best friends can zip over to the special remote area and enjoy quality chillaxing time in the swing that fits three (two dolls and a pet).
Expand the Party, Extend the Play!
Create and customize the ultimate adventures for Polly doll, her pals, and pets! Your daughter can build out an entire Wall Party world with additional play areas, including a juice bar, café, campground, and balloon ride (each sold separately). These sets can be configured several different ways on the wall, and the crazy-cool modes of transportation — zip lines, slides, and lift — can be moved and connected to any other Wall Party set for endless combinations and hours of playtime!
No Need for Cleanup and Setup!
Because Wall Party sets hang on the wall, they're out of the way and don't need to be cleaned up after playtime. The sets' vibrant designs look great as room décor, and the included play pieces stay in place with suction cups for upside-down fun. Best of all, when girls want to play again, there's no setup — the party is on the wall and ready to go!
What's in the Box?
Pet park, Lila doll, puppy, dog bowl, dog bone, leash, butterfly, water bottle, flowers, watering can, 3M Command strips

  • Features a park bench, doghouse, swing, and more
  • Lila doll can use the pink slide to travel between the two levels
  • Cool, colorful design looks great as room décor
  • Easily and safely attaches to the wall
  • Play pieces include suction cups to help hold everything in place
  • Hours of imaginative playtime for every Polly fan

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 4 & up

Legal Legend: Each set sold separately. 3M and Command are trademarks of 3M. © 2012 3M. All Rights Reserved.

Country of Origin: Imported