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Item #: X2680


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Little mommies will love rocking this precious infant doll to sleep! The perfect companion for naptime or bedtime, this interactive cuddler says sweet phrases, plays soothing lullabies, and features a light-up pacifier!
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A great companion for naptime or bedtime! This soft-bodied baby doll comes dressed in her own sleeper, which features pink sleeves, a hood with little flap ears, and a charming animal print on the body. When it's time for bed, pop the pacifier into the doll's mouth and rock her to sleep. Watch her eyes close and her pacifier light up with a soft glow, and then listen as a soothing lullaby plays. To wake up the baby doll, pull out her pacifier — she coos and wants to play, just like a real baby! This interactive cuddler also says sweet phrases like "I love you, Mommy" and "Night-night, Mommy."

  • Cuddly, completely soft-bodied doll is the perfect companion for aspiring sleepers
  • Outfit has a cute pattern of elephants, giraffes, squirrels, and birds
  • Doll says sweet phrases and plays three different lullabies
  • Pacifier glows softly when placed in the doll’s mouth
  • Pacifier comes attached with a pink ribbon, so it won't get lost
  • Lots of loving, nurturing playtime for little mommies

Battery Required: Yes | Batteries Included: Yes

Battery Quantity: 3 | Battery Type: AG13 (LR44) Button Cell | Battery Included Quantity: 3

Non Replaceable: No

Assembly Required: No

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 2 & up

Country of Origin: Imported