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Tumblin' Monkeys Game

Item #: T1852


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One false move and the monkeys come a-tumblin'!
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Your heart's pounding. Your hands start to shake. Just pull this one stick and you're home free. Oh no - there goes another Tumblin' Monkey! Easy to learn and fun to play, Tumblin' Monkeys is full of surprises.

  • Place the monkeys in the tree and move the sticks according to the colored die
  • Drop the least amount of monkeys to win
  • Comes with a tree, 30 monkeys, 30 sticks in three colors and special die
  • Perfect for younger kids - no instruction reading required!

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Non Replaceable: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Age Grade: 5 & Up

Country of Origin: Imported