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Toy Story Zing'Ems™ Rocket Rumble™ Playset

Item #: X9505

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Zing 'Ems are an action-packed, completely new way to play with everyone's favorite Toy Story characters, and the Rocket Rumble playset is one of Buzz Lightyear's most action-filled adventures yet!
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No Stunt Too Scary, No Dare Too Crazy!
The galaxy's greatest Space Ranger needs your help to take on Zurg. (Zurg figure sold separately.) Use the attack launcher to send Buzz zinging and zooming around the playset, crashing through the deadly Zurgbot and tumbling through the treacherous asteroid field. Succeed, and it's time to take on Zurg! Will you break through the obstacles and save the day? Or will you be defeated by the asteroid field and Zurgbot?Zing'Ems are small toys with BIG action. They zip across floors, zoom off ramps, and always stay upright. Whether you fling 'em over jumps, crash 'em into each other, bump 'em into obstacles, or get big air, they'll always wind up standing straight and true. Just like their movie inspirations from Toy Story, you just can't keep these toys down!
Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue
Multiple Zing'Ems (one included; others sold separately) can race, crash and conquer. Buzz Lightyear will maneuver as best he can on the loop track surrounding the rocket ship, which is loaded with a Zurgbot obstacle and asteroid field jumps for maximum chaos. Smash and soar through them to get back to the launcher.
Crashing the Rocket Lair
For the final battle, use the launcher to soar through the rocket – load your Zing'Ems figure on the launcher and pull the plunge mechanism. Can your Zing'Ems figure make it through the spaceship and avoid the Zurgbot and asteroid field? If so, you'll zoom through outer space with Buzz, completing another exciting Space Ranger mission!
What's in the Box?
Comes with playset and one exclusive Space Buzz Zing'Ems™ figure.

  • Use the launcher to send Zing‘Ems zooming around the playset
  • Crash through the Zurgbot obstacle
  • Bounce around the treacherous asteroid field
  • Zoom into and knock other Zing ‘Ems off the playset
  • Includes playset and one (1) Buzz Lightyear Zing’Ems figure
  • Other Zing’Ems figures sold separately

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 4 & up

Country of Origin: Imported