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DISNEY•Pixar Cars Dinoco Stunt Show Stunt Set

Item #: Y1329

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Rev 'em up and turn 'em loose! Stunt Racers™ vehicles perform crazy tricks to wow any crowd, and Lightning McQueen is excited to show off his new Dinoco blue paint job. Attach the launcher to different points on the Stunt Show track, and watch what Lightning McQueen does next on the asphalt, the balancing platforms, and in the Winner's Circle!
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Stunt Racers Drive to Surprise
You never know what kind of stunts they're going to pull off! Rev up Stunt Racers vehicles by hand, or with the easy-turn crank launcher, and shoot them into action at the push of a button. Once revved and launched, they perform nose and tail spins, drive sideways on two wheels, and scream with speed both forward and backward!
The Dinoco Stunt Show
With Lightning McQueen sporting a new paint job in Dinoco blue, it's time to show off a little. Hook the launcher onto either of the side tracks, and he'll make a spectacular, two-wheel entrance onto the track! Or connect to the center track, and send him soaring up a jump and into the Winner's Circle, where he's bound to break out a new trick or two.
More Stunt Challenges
The set includes multiple balancing platforms where Stunt Racers can perform their nose and tail spins, too. It's made for 1:55 scale Stunt Racers – cars big enough to show off authentic designs and decorations, just like their characters in the blockbuster movie Cars. Get more Stunt Racers (sold separately) to create your own stunt show!
What's in the Box?
Includes the playset with side and center tracks, jump ramp and Winner's Circle area; easy-to-use revving launcher, and one Lightning McQueen - Stunt Racers™ vehicle. Suitable for other Stunt Racers vehicles, sold separately.

  • Includes Lightning McQueen - Stunt Racers™ vehicle
  • Stunt Racers can perform nose and tail spins
  • Driving on two wheels? Or backward? Stunt Racers do that, too!
  • 1:55 scale cars with great details and awesome speed
  • Collect all the Cars - Stunt Racers™ vehicles! (sold separately)

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 4 & Up

Legal Legend: ©Disney/Pixar

Country of Origin: CN