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EVER AFTER HIGH™ Fainting Couch Dorm Accessory

Item #: BDB18

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The Rebels and Royals want to look their fairest for every spellebration, so choosing what to wear can be an epic style decision! Apple White™ (doll sold separately) is ready to sleep on it with this spellbinding fainting couch. The luxurious bed not only offers a cozy spot to study but also stores a few secrets and comes with themed accessories to help this Ever After Royal™ achieve her destiny!
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Reflect on Your Destiny!
The world's most spellbinding stories are getting turned on their crown at Ever After High™, a high school for the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale legends. Having just learned about True Hearts Day, a fableous holiday spellebrated with an epic event, these fairytale teens will be reflecting on their fates as they prepare for what promises to be an unforgettable day! Apple White™ (doll sold separately) can ponder and prepare — and enjoy heart-to-hearts with her best friends forever after — on this enchanting fainting couch! Fans of the webisodes will recognize it as the centerpiece of her dorm room.
The Fairest Fainting Couch!
Designed in Apple's signature red, white, and gold, this luxurious fainting couch positively charms with apple details, a golden tree canopy, and white "quilted" backing. Slide open the drawer below the seat to store Apple's stuff and your own in one of the compartments. Turn the apple on the arm to open the secret spot where Apple can hide — or rather store — her prescription geek-chic glasses she wishes were not part of her destiny.
Royally Awesome Accessories!
Hexquisite accessories let girls add chapters to the story. The golden laptop and MirrorPhone are perfect for logging onto the mirrornet, playing games, and chatting with friends. Don't forget to store the MirrorPhone on its charging station after all those hexts! Get cozy under the blanket with its classic Apple print — bows, pearls, and swirls — and the apple-shaped pillow with the AW monogram. As she dreams of her destiny, accessorize your Apple White™ doll in royal style with a golden crown headband and a regal statement necklace.
What's YOUR Story?
This dorm room accessory is hexquisite for displaying Apple White™ doll (sold separately) and other Rebels and Royals in the Ever After High™ collection (each sold separately). Girls will flip their crown for this elite boarding school and the spellbinding students, who enjoy sipping hocus lattes in the village of Book End — and updating their MirrorBlogs on their MirrorPads. At Ever After High™, these best friends forever after are ready to write their own stories and choose their own destinies, and girls will love joining them on the spelltacular journey!
What's in the Box?
Fainting couch with canopy and storage, soft blanket, molded pillow, one pair of glasses, MirrorPhone and "charging station," laptop, headband, necklace

  • Apple White™ (doll sold separately) is ready to reflect on her destiny on this spellbinding fainting couch
  • Open the drawer in the base to store doll's things and yours!
  • Turn the apple in the arm to reveal a hidden space for Apple White™ doll’s geek-chic glasses
  • Other hexquisite accessories include a MirrorPhone and “charging station,” golden laptop, and ornate blanket
  • Enchanting details highlight her signature colors and patterns, a tree-shaped design, and a sheer red canopy
  • Hexcellent for play, spellbinding to display!

Battery Required: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 6 & Up

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