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BarbieŽ Dreamhouse Bundle

Item #: T0191B


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BarbieŽ has saved up for a new DreamhouseŽ and is moving in! With this FAB house and the awesome kitchen, laundry room, and vanity, girls will have a blast helping Barbie doll make the most of her own cool space!
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It's three floors of home fashion fabulous! Head to the kitchen on the first floor to create a fabulous meal with the luxe "stainless steel" appliances, blender (complete with sounds) and light-up oven. Girls can flip the table in the dining room to go from breakfast to dinner with no fuss. On the second floor, Barbie and her guests can use the spacious bathroom that features all sorts of realistic touches. The divine canopy bed pulls out to reveal a trundle bed, perfect for sleepovers. And a puppy bed means Barbie doll's pet can sleep comfortably cuddled as well. Take the elevator to the third floor for more FAB fun! It's every girl's dream - house! When Barbie has food to prepare, this kitchen will help her get it done! The room features a fabulous fridge that opens to reveal shelves of goodies. And when Barbie doll has laundry to do, this laundry room has everything she needs. The set includes a fabulous washer/dryer, a foldout ironing board, and associated piece-count, like an iron and a laundry basket, make laundry a breeze. Even her appliances are Glam! And now Barbie doll has the perfect place to "put on her face." The set includes a fabulous vanity and chair along with associated piece-count, like a hairbrush and perfume bottle. Dolls and fashions not included. Bundle includes:

  • BARBIE® Glam Kitchen! (X7937)
  • BARBIE® Glam Laundry! (X7938)
  • BARBIE® Glam Vanity! (x7940)

Battery Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 6 & Up

Country of Origin: CN