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POLLY POCKET® Zipline Adventure Pool Playset

Item #: X9046

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This action-packed jungle set features multiple play areas connected with a zipline that Polly® doll loves to ride! As she zooms through the palm trees, her monkey friend spins down the pole, and her puppy pal slips down the slide into the pool below!
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It's the Ultimate Tropical Vacation!
Every day is an adventure with Polly doll and friends! And with this tropical vacation set, the fantastical adventure is built right in! The colorful jungle setting features multiple levels and play areas, and the lengthy zipline lets girls send the included Polly doll through the palm trees, past her monkey and puppy pals, and into the pool below. A slide and hammock also add to the vacation play!
High-Flying Fun Through the Jungle
Ready to soar? The excitement starts at the top of the trees! Attach Polly doll by her waist to the green zipline — and send her off! As she speeds by the monkey sitting in a leaf, he twirls down the pole with his coconut drink to surprise whoever is lying in the hammock. Polly doll then zooms past her cute puppy pal, who slips down the slide riding his leaf sled and lands in the pool below.
A Big, Splashy Finish!
Right before she splashes into the pool, Polly doll ziplines under the waterfall, and icy cold water activates her color-change hair to bring out the adorable streaks. Wow, what a thrilling and colorful ride! When Polly doll has had enough extreme fun, she can take a shorter ride on the slide, relax in the pool, or lounge in the hammock with a refreshing fruity drink!
What's in the Box?
Play set with zipline, Polly doll, monkey, puppy with leaf sled, and two tropical drinks

  • Colorfully designed set has multiple play areas for maximum fun
  • Polly doll wears a pink bathing suit and features color-change hair
  • Icy cold water activates her color streaks, and warm water returns her hair to its original look
  • Attach Polly doll by the waist to the viny zipline and send her speeding away
  • Polly doll triggers spinning and sliding actions with her monkey and puppy pals
  • Lots of imaginative playtime for every adventurous girl!

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 4 & up

Country of Origin: Imported