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Mattel Games™ Go Piggy Go!™ Game

Item #: Y2552

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It's a pig-stackin', wolf-dodgin' good time! You get three piggies, and you've got to race them across the board to the fresh food waiting for them. Roll the dice, and pick which piggy to move. You can even land on another piggy's back and catch a ride! But that wolf on the tractor could knock your piggy right back to the mud pit.
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Pig Stackin', Wolf Dodgin' Play!
Race those piggies! You've got to get all three of your piggies to the fresh food across the board. Roll the die to make your move. You can even land on top of another piggy and catch a piggy-back ride! When they roll and move, they have to move your piggy with theirs, taking you even closer to the food!
Watch Out for the Wolf
One of the faces of the die says "Tractor/2." If you roll that, you can either move two spaces, or take control of the wolf and launch a hay bale from his tractor at an opponent. If that hay bale knocks a piggy off its square, that piggy goes back to the closest mud pit, slowing his journey to the food.
Checkpoints and Winning
The board has two checkpoints, so if your piggy is past a checkpoint and gets hit with a hay bale, the piggy doesn't have to go all the way back to the beginning mud pit – just back to the checkpoint mud pit. The first player to get all three piggies to the fresh food wins!
What's in the Box?
Go Piggy Go! game comes with the gameboard and 12 piggies (3 for each player, up to 4 players), game die, and the wolf in his tractor launcher and 3 hay bales projectiles.

  • Exciting strategy game - race your piggies across the board, avoiding the wolf and his tractor
  • Stack on top of another piggy to get a free piggy-back ride
  • Roll the tractor, and you can launch hay bales to knock other piggies off their spaces
  • Be the first to get all your piggies to the food to win!
  • Includes board and piggies, die, wolf tractor launcher and hay bale projectiles

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No

Assembly Required: No

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 5 & Up

Country of Origin: CN