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Loopz Shifter™ Game

Item #: W6594

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A new twist on the electronic game of music, memory, and motion! Loopz Shifter features 20 ways to play, with four skill-and-action games and five transforming shapes, so get ready to slice, chop, and wave your hands!
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A Whole New Way to Play Loopz!
A cool twist on the groundbreaking electronic game of music, memory, and motion, Loopz Shifter features 20 ways to play with options that include four different games and five unique shapes! The loops still flash with changing patterns of lights and sounds, requiring players to pass their hands through the infrared motion sensors, but now you can transform the loops into five challenging shapes for hours of skill-and-action gameplay!

Shape-Shifting Action and Excitement
You can easily fold the Loopz Shifter into five unique shapes to add even more options and opportunities for fun! Can you conquer The Wave or hurdle The Wall? Will you beat the King's Crown or master The Arch? Can you complete the Doublestack with its added twist of sensing which direction you wave your hands? For an extra challenge, select the Shifter Mode, and you'll race to transform shapes even in the middle of a game!

Try Your Hand at Four Thrilling, Competitive Games
Players develop their memory and coordination while slicing, chopping, and waving their hands through the air during four exciting skill-and-action games. In the Reflex Master™, you're challenged to tag the most lights before time runs out. During Repeat the Beat™, try to match the flashing lights — how long can you keep up? With Rhythm Duel™, players compete simultaneously against each other. And with Freestyle DJ™, you can create your own music by remixing six rockin' tracks.

Tons of Interactive Fun
The unit responds to your actions with lights, music, sounds, and phrases. Loopz Shifter "speaks" commands, calls out your score, and even announces the winner in head-to-head competitions. Depending on how well you perform, Loopz Shifter also awards you different titles. Will you be a Rookie, Rock Star, Mega Star, or — greatest of all — a Loopz Legend?

What's in the Box?
Loopz Shifter unit and instructions

  • Features 20 ways to play, with four different games and five challenging shapes
  • Players develop memory, reflexes, coordination, rhythm, and skill as they slice, chop, and wave their hands!
  • With Shifter Mode, players race to change shapes in the middle of the game
  • Flashing lights, music, sounds, and phrases add to the interactive fun
  • A thrilling skill-and-action game for one to four players

Battery Required: Yes | Batteries Included: Yes

Battery Quantity: 3 | Battery Type: AA (LR6) Alkaline | Battery Included Quantity: 3

Non Replaceable: No

Assembly Required: No

Warranty: Yes

Age Grade: 7 & up

Country of Origin: Imported