AmiGami™ Toys

Get your child’s imagination into full swing with AmiGami™ toys from Mattel. Made for girls that enjoy crafting, AmiGami™ toys are complete kits that include everything needed to create a darling AmiGami™ animal. Inside each package you’ll find a cute AmiGami™ animal figure with a variety of different accessories like paper limbs, decorative stickers, jewel pins and a curling tool. Kids love AmiGami™ toys because they get to develop their very own creature to their exact taste. If you’re looking for party favors or a thoughtful gift, visit for AmiGami™ Toys.


AmiGami Toy Animals

Find your favorite AmiGami™ Toy animals at Everyone loves creating their very own AmiGami™creatures and we have a great selection. Although there are many precious critters from which to choose, the AmiGami™ Unicorn is a favorite. From horn to tale, kids love embellishing the Unicorn with a selection of colorful decorations. In addition, there are all sorts of other animals available including the AmiGami™ Cat, Dog, Giraffe and more. Once you’ve created your one-of-a-kind AmiGami™ toy, you can either redesign it or display it in your room. Have fun creating a unique AmiGami™ creation from Mattel.


Fun with AmiGami™

There’s no limit to the amount of fun kids have with AmiGami™ creatures from Mattel. Light, portable and relatively inexpensive, AmiGami™ animals are an ideal option for a wide range of situations. Every child enjoys receiving a small gift when attending a party and AmiGami™ is a great option. Offering an activity instead of treats, it’s a good choice for kids with food sensitivities. And since they’re in different animal forms, it’s easy to find one toy that every child will enjoy. When traveling, creating AmiGami™ creatures keep kids occupied for hours, which is also a helpful distraction on rainy days too. When you want options for unlimited fun, visit for AmiGami™.