Disney Cars

Rev up playtime with Disney cars from Mattel! We have Disney Cars toys that let kids create their own open road adventures. From Radiator Springs to Tailpipe Cavern and beyond, children love recreating scenes from the animated movie with cars toys like Lightning McQueen and more. Small and easily portable, Disney Pixar cars are a favorite for kids and parents alike. Whether you’re looking for a friction powered car or a simple die-cast vehicle, Disney cars are a hit! Visit the Mattel Shop to find Cars toys every kid will want.


Disney Cars Toys

Get moving with Disney Cars toys from Mattel. Active toys are always a hit and we have an assortment of Disney cars, tracks and playsets that keep children engaged. Kids love to play with toy vehicles and we have all sorts of movie-themed toys ready. Die-cast car fans will enjoy playing with Pixar cars by themselves, or with one of the Disney Cars Race Track sets we have in stock. Propelled forward after pulling them backwards, friction powered cars toys are a big hit with younger kids. And Riplash Racer™ cars will rocket across the room using a simple launcher.  Find Disney Cars toys that every child will enjoy at Shop.Mattel.com.


Disney Cars Playsets

Prolong the fun with Disney Cars playsets from Mattel. Every child enjoys playing with toy vehicles, but you can add hours of fun with the many Cars accessories. Boys love Riplash Racers™ and we have Disney Cars track sets that make racing these Pixar cars easy; simply pull the ripcord and off they go! Disney Cars race track set accessories are another favorite. Featuring locations from Cars like Tailpipe Caverns and Willy’s Butte, these playsets let kids explore locations seen in the movies.  Increase the fun with Disney Cars playsets from Mattel.