BOOMCo.™ Blasters

Have a blast with BOOMCo.™ blasters from Mattel. No matter if you’re equipping your office for a Friday afternoon battle royale or arming your kids for a little rainy day fun, BOOMCo.™ toys are the way to go. Tons of fun, the BOOMCo.™ blaster is a futuristic-looking weapon that shoots soft-tipped darts that stick on contact. And while BOOMCo.™ targets are available for basic target practice, a Rapid Madness™ blaster might be a better accessory when your targets are shooting back at you. However you choose to use them, BOOMCo.™ blasters from Mattel are fun.


BOOMCo.™ Rapid Madness™

If you want a big, mean, blasting machine then the BOOMCo.™ Rapid Madness™ blaster is the ticket! Described as the King of the Battlefield, the Rapid Madness™ can spray your enemies with 20 darts in seconds. In addition to the blaster, you’ll find 30 Smart Stick BOOMCo.™ darts, a clip and push-button Smart Stick™ blaster shields.  But one of the best features of the Rapid Madness™ blaster is that it doesn’t need batteries! Use the pump-action compressor and you’re ready to go! Be prepared to vanquish your foes wherever they may be with the BOOMCo.™ Rapid Madness™ blaster from Mattel.


BOOMCo.™ Toys

Get your kids running around with BOOMCo.™ toys from Children always enjoy chasing each other so get their competitive juices flowing with BOOMCo.™ Blasters, darts and accessories. For close quarters, the Dynamag™ is a handheld blaster with a six shot clip perfect for taking on multiple targets. However if long distance accuracy is needed, Clipfire™ BOOMCo.™ blasters are very precise for up to 60 feet. Or if you just plain want to hose everyone down, you can’t beat the BOOMCo.™ Rapid Madness™ blaster, but you’ll need extra BOOMCo.™ darts to do it in style. Energize your children with BOOMCo.™ toys from Mattel.