Disney Toys

Find all your favorite Disney toys at Shop.Mattel.com. No matter if your child prefers Disney’s animated classics or contemporary movies, Mattel carries everything from Disney Princess dolls to Cars bath toys and more.  Including playsets, accessories and dolls, Disney Princess toys are a clear favorite, since they allow kids to relive the moments of their favorite videos. From Disney Princess Cinderella dolls to Little Mermaid playsets, kids spend hours acting out adventures with these cherished toys. Give your child a toy you know they’ll want, with Disney toys from Shop.Mattel.com.


Disney Princess Dolls

Disney Princess dolls from Mattel are always a big hit. Kids are drawn to Disney’s animated films so we have options like Disney Princess Cinderella, Frozen and Rapunzel dolls that children want. Based on the animated heroines from classic films, Disney Princess toys include dolls, special outfits and accessories to fuel active imaginations. Find items including Belle Disney Princess dolls, Cinderella’s Carriage playset and other toys all based on the Disney princesses. If you’re looking for a guaranteed hit, visit Shop.Mattel.com for Disney Process dolls.


Disney Frozen Toys

Recreate the magic of the movie with Disney Frozen toys from Mattel.  Among the most popular Disney films in years, Frozen appeals to kids of all ages and Frozen Disney toys are always in demand. From the adorable Anna to the lovely Elsa, characters from the film resonate with children who enjoy playing with their very own Disney Frozen Princess.  And don’t forget the adorable Olaf, the wisecracking sidekick!  Reimagine scenes from the castle or devise new adventures with dolls and playsets from Disney’s Frozen.  From playsets to dolls, find Disney Frozen toys at Mattel.